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27 August 2012 @ 08:06 pm
I'd go gay for you - Chapter 7  
.Title: I'd go gay for you - Chapter 7: I'd go mad for you
Author: agiponpon
Pairing: Ryo/Tegoshi, Koyama/Tegoshi
Genre: romance
Rating: G (in this chapter)
Chapter: 7/8
Disclaimer: I only own the story... 
Summary: Tegoshi came out of the closet and might feel something from someone. Is it Koyama, who always spoils him and takes care of him? Or is it Ryo, who despite his bad attitude makes his heart flutter?

A/N: Okay. I promise I'll never say I'll update faster again. I guess I'm just slow. (Again, the translation process was the one to kills my inspiration.) But yay, the next chapter is up! (You still remember me, right?) Only one chapter to go. I wonder how all this ends...? (I know but you don't, haha!) I've been a bit down lately. I hope it doesn't affect the quality too much... I'm also getting bored of this story since I've thought it over so many times! It'll be nice to be writing oneshots again... Though of course I'll finish this one first with dignity!
Please read and rewiev!

There was no way Tegoshi would have forgiven Ryo for all that...

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